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Faldruk is a private company established in 1993. Since the beginning our core business activity has been the production of double-sided PCBs with plated holes. We also offer one-sided circuit boards and SMT templates.

Thanks to continued investments our business has got a peak monthly output of ar. 400 sq. meters. For us the high quality of our products is a matter of utmost importance. It is quality, not quantity that ensures our existance on the competitive market. Beside serial production, we also create prototypes.

We are able to prepare the manufacturing documentation of boards based on every kind of materials provided by our clients. It is most convenient for our customers to provide us with an output from a circuit boards or GERBER sets design software.

As a standard we complete an order within 10 working days, however we also offer an express option. In cases when the complete manufacturing data is submitted, we are able to produce complete board within 8 hours (included mask, description, cutting).

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