PCBs production
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The costs of PCBs manufacture depend on:

  1. Submitted documentation format.
  2. Quantity of ordered boards.
  3. Printing design layout.
  4. Board type.
  5. Production time (normal, express , super express)
  6. Technologies used in production process:
    1. PTH plating whole
    2. soldermask
    3. peel-off mask
    4. assembly descriptions
    5. gold plating
    6. mechanical treatment

Approximate prices:

  1. from 2.00 zł/ dm2 per single-sided PCBs
  2. from 5.00 zł/ dm2 per double-sided PCBs with PTH plated holes
  3. documentation from 30.00 zł per item

We would gladly prepare an offer for any board submitted by clients. The quotation order form should be helpful when making queries.

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